Friday, September 30, 2011

Why I am wearing one shoe.

Clomp, swish, clomp, swish.  Odd sounds coming from the doorway as I am about to start dinner are never a good sign.  And the weirdness always starts during dinner preparations.  Here he comes, Twin A, in his school clothes, minus one shoe.  He had on two shoes when he went outside.  Oh yeah, this is going to be interesting.    Up come the hands in explanation, "Mom, it happened like this".  "I was playing football with the guys and I made the most amazing kick!"  Okay...and your shoe is where?  "Well, it came off and flew so high into the air!  You should have seen it Mom!  Amazing!"  Yes son, but that doesn't answer the question.  "I just need to know which ladder to use."  <Yeah, this is the accident prone 9-year-old, asking for a ladder.>  Why do you need the ladder son?  "Well my shoe kind of got stuck in the neighbor's gutter.  On. Top. Of. The. House." 

Yes, I did retrieve the shoe after going back to school for an engineering degree so I could figure out how to set up the multipurpose ladder.  Did I mention that darling husband does not allow me on ladders because I am the klutz that gave Twin A the klutz gene?  Oh and the ladder had to straddle a small ditch to reach the shoe.

And that is why dinner was at 7:00 p.m., again.