Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tooth Fairy Problems

It might be time to fire the Tooth Fairy.  She has become somewhat unreliable in my house.  Now we all know that she has been around the block/world a few times and is not exactly a spring chicken anymore but lately she is missing a lot of teeth.  In the past year she has been delayed by rain, held up by technical issues (her wings went on the blink) and got grounded by all that ash coming from Iceland.  She also got hit by the recession once or twice and had to wait until she got paid for the teeth she already collected before she could disperse more cash. 

Twin B pulled out a wiggly tooth yesterday morning and put it under his pillow as he made his bed yesterday.  Guess what happened?

NOTHING!!!  That's right!  The old girl was a no show again!  Now it did rain last night and we old folks do not like being cold and wet so maybe that held her up a bit.   But Twin B was feeling a bit neglected until we solved the mystery of the non-visit.  The culprits?  Shoes.  That's right shoes.  Evidently the little people left their stinky school shoes downstairs instead of putting them on the shoe rack in their room.  Those nasty tennis shoes rampaged through the house, scaring off the tooth fairy and ended up in my pantry with an unopened Rice Crispy Treat between them.  Awful!  Well maybe the old girl will show up tonight if those montrous shoes are caged up in the closet where they belong. 

The tooth fairy may be old but she is still a quick thinker!


Anonymous said...

The tooth fairy is often delayed; however, you have the best delay stories! Love your blog.

Carole Ann

MOTN said...

You are too funny! Maybe the tooth fairy should leave a little extra for the boo-boo Twin B received today - they were too funny helping him to the house - you would have thought his leg was broken and dangling - then he emerged from the house bandaged and miraculously healed - you are good!