Saturday, October 1, 2011

What was I thinking?

Have you ever caved into the demands of children only to ask later, "What was I thinking?"  Actually after today I am beginning to wonder if I was taking drugs thinking.  For several years the Little People (Twins A and B) have asked if they could join the scouts.  Knowing that our schedule is insane on a normal basis and that darling husband works a bazillion hours a week I said no.  Well this year I caved, lost my last brain cell, and said "Sure, you can all three join Cub/Boy Scouts!"  "We will figure it all out."  Really???  I am not new to this mom game.  The eldest is 13 years old for goodness sake.  I know that promises made by children are soon dropped like dirty shoes on a spotless floor.  But I went there anyway.  What was I thinking?

First off scouting is not a poor man's activity.  Uniforms, books, patches (yes they all have to be sewn on) and camping gear will run high dollar.  Ladies, this seriously hurt my shoe/Godiva budget! Next, they all have meetings to go to weekly.  Two different meetings added to an already complete schedule.  Then there are the camping trips.  The short people only have two a year, the eldest has one a month.  There are badges to be earned (worksheets to be done by the boys and their parents/den leaders) skills to master and physical fitness challenges to be recorded and improved upon.  Of course all this is on top of homework and any other activities they might be involved in on a regular basis.  What was I thinking?

Now don't get me wrong, I still feel that the Boy Scouts is a valuable experience and will build character and useful skills.  But WOW!  The amount of time far exceeded my expectations.  Today between all three children, DH and I spent from 10:00- 4:45 on scout related stuff.  My only free day of the week.  And people were peeved because they were working on multiple objectives that are due tomorrow at 4:00 p.m instead of playing with friends on a beautiful day.  Promises to work hard and cheerfully put in the effort to achieve desired goals; dropped like stinky shoes.  What was I thinking?

But the work is done for today.  Well, all except that 30 day record of physical activity that is due tomorrow that we haven't started yet.  Yeah, I wonder if they give mom merit badges for under achiever?  Now, where did I stash the chocolate? 

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Every mother who home schools will enjoy your stories as well as though who call ourselves grandmothers. We remember.