Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Uniform Blues

It is fall here in Tennessee and unlike in my home state of Louisiana that means cooler temperatures in the morning and evenings with beautiful temperate afternoons.  Of course that also means that instead of shorts the little people have started opting for pants and short sleeved shirts to wear to school.  They are still in elementary school so the summer uniform consists of short sleeved uniform shirt with khaki shorts or PE tee and shorts.  The winter uniform, which will be in effect next month, is dress khaki slacks or PE sweats.  No problems with figuring out what to wear, no drama in the mornings, easy stuff.  Except when it is time buy new stuff.  Only one brand/store is sanctioned by the school so the cost is your first born and all your chocolate.  We parents get by with the used uniform sale at the school and then only supplement if necessary from the store.  Now the first few years were great.  Hand-me-downs from big brother and the sale carried us most of the way through the year.  This year...not so much.

The eldest came home to be schooled after fourth grade so we are now officially out of hand-me-downs.  Last May when the uniform sale hit I was scheduled within a inch of my life and did not get to the sale.  We got through the beginning of school with our leftovers from last year.  And then Twin B did it again.  He grew!  A and B are not identical.  B has 1 to 1 1/2 inches on his twin at any given time.  Fine.  No problem.  Went to the uniform store yesterday, dropped $65.00 on two pair of slacks to get us through this week. (I don't know why the kid actually wants to breathe when the pants are buttoned anyway.)  Good to go!

Today is field day.  They both needed to wear their PE sweats this morning.  Can you guess it?  Ding, ding, ding!  Gold star for you!  B doesn't fit in any of the old sweats!  And there is only one almost decent pair left. Two small holes on each knee count as decent right?  I forgot that I had cut off all the old ones and made them into play shorts this summer.  Oops!  Back to the uniform store for four pairs of sweats today.  I haven't been yet but I am sure the price will make me seek comfort in my secret chocolate stash.  Now where is that brick so I can put it on their heads to keep them little.

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Anonymous said...

You remind me how grateful I am my four and I survived those growing up years, growing up for them and for me. Grandmotherhood is the payoff for what you are doing now!

Carole Ann