Sunday, October 9, 2011

Traveling: Then and Now

Long ago in a land before children, I LOVED traveling. In college my roommates would walk in the door at 4:00 p.m. on a Friday asking who was working that weekend.  No football games, no band practice, not on the work schedule, ROAD TRIP!  By midnight we would be packed into the car, often with another car behind us and off on an adventure.  Florida, New Orleans, maybe to-be-decided along the way.  One time we drove from Monroe, Louisiana to Jonesboro, Arkansas to take homemade treats to a friend in a drum and bugle corp.  We  watched the show, visited with our friend, met the group and then proceeded to drive the six hours back that same night.  Exhausted we pulled into the driveway sometime just after dawn.  Loved it!  That was then.

Now.  The planning begins at least two weeks in advance.  Laundry has to be completely caught up so a household of five (four this weekend) can  be packed up.  Weather reports must be checked so that everyone is warm, dry or not to hot.  If the beast is not traveling with us, then the vet has to be scheduled to board said beast.  Medications have to be filled.  Toys have to be packed.  And activities must be planned for after arrival, and if on a long trip, scheduled along the way for relief.  Healthy snacks are purchased, portioned in individual serving sizes so everyone can have their own, and reduce the level of fussing, arguing and pushing for premature termination from a sibling or parental unit.  Road rules have to be established before starting off on the trip.  I get one CD of music then you people get one movie.  If the three of you cannot agree on a movie then I listen to my music all the way there.  The van aka "The Mothership" has to be cleaned out of the day-to-day filth of three children so that she can be ready for travel filth.  Really, do you know people with clean cars?  I only know one and it's not me!  By the time the trip is over and the unpacking begins I feel like I have run a marathon.  Except I don't run, that is to much like work!  And the brood wonders why I roll my eyes every time they say "Road Trip"!


Anonymous said...

I just love you! You are so funny and I can see all of this so vividly! So glad you had a safe trip! Glad your home though, my child about drove me nuts!

mom of boys said...

Thanks MOTN! Number 4 was cracking me up on the way to the grocery store. Never a dull moment with Thing 1, 2 and 4!